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The DUXians

DUX is your one stop shop for all after-school tuition requirements. Now learn from the best teachers in the country, in the most engagement heavy avatar at the most affordable prices

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10 students 

Maximum 10 students in every class – ensures the perfect balance between teacher’s attention and competition

In-class practice

Concepts are built through practice – there is a lot of focus on classwork and homework


We check notebooks in class and give real time feedback to


DUX brings the best of physical tuitions and makes it even better with the power of technology

Regular tests, assignments and revision classes

Timely feedback and PTMs – so you remain updated

Multiple payment plans – all affordable!


 I could not find a good tutor around me. Online videos and notes were good but there was no one to guide me. DUX provided me with the best tutor.

Sushant - Class X (Science), Ludhiana
Sushant - Class X (Science), Ludhiana

With both of us working, DUX came to the rescue and took away all the worries of Shaurya’s studies. With a small batch size, he gets complete attention.

Shaurya’s Mother (Class V), Guwahati
Shaurya’s Mother (Class V), Guwahati

 I find it very convenient studying at DUX, with all benefits of class notes and assignments at a reasonable tuition fee 🙂

Madhur - Class XI| (Economics), Noida
Madhur - Class XI| (Economics), Noida

Coding is my passion and now I have a teacher to help me understand the fundamentals of  python scripts. It’s real fun! 

Manan - Class VIII (Python), Ahmedabad
Manan - Class VIII (Python), Ahmedabad
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