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About DUX

DUX is your one stop shop for all your after school education requirements – both curricular and co-curricular.

DUX is build on the promise of engaging, affordable education for everyone.

Ask yourself:
  1. Why should your kid ‘settle’ for a tutor near you and not learn from the best tutors in the country?
  2. Why should your kid have to travel for 1 – 2 hours to attend a one hour class?
  3. Why shouldn’t your kid learn with the kids from all over the country and get the best exposure?
  4. Why shouldn’t your kid learn in an engagement heavy model where the teacher can pay attention on the kid?
  5. Why shouldn’t you be able to talk to the teachers whenever you want?
  6. Why should good quality education be expensive?
At DUX, we question all these baseless ‘givens’ of the world. At DUX
  1. Your kids learn from the best teachers from all over the country
  2. From the comfort of their home
  3. With the kids from all over the country – ensuring best exposure for them
  4. With just 9 other kids in the class to ensure maximum engagement and competition
  5. You monthly feedbacks and can request for PTMs whenever you want
  6. And you just pay INR 750 per month for all of this

Not that just, our syllabus run in accordance of your school syllabus – Yes! We prepare you for Unit Tests and Mid-Term Exams as well 🙂

DUX was born to bridge the gap between online and offline education and create a world where education is better than either of these. We want to take quality education to the remotest parts of the country.

What are you waiting for?
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