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Madhur Khandelwal

Madhur Khandelwal Is From Noida. He Loves To Play Video Games And Travel. His Teachers Find Her Inquisitive, Smart, And Participative. Take A Look At His Poems. We Are Sure You Are Going To Love Them.

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First Romance

The full moon with its glimpse sigh

Who is the one more beautiful and wise?

Somebody in the immense crowd replied

See the girl near the shore of christ

Watched you by the sunset that day

You glowed more than the sun itself

The light breeze and your long hair

I could be anywhere, but there

You were enjoying the sunlight that’s left

Standing with the mesmerising view that kept

No worries that the world might end

You lived in the present with no such pain

Slowly the sun died and the night arose

breeze became cooler, the tide too arrived

feet dipped and the water came alive

The view became extensively satisfying at night

Left the shore, went to work subsequent day

Spoke less but kind in every possible way

Spoke beautiful things like the song of the nightingale

Everyone fell in love with such an utterly grace

Visualised the whole day, with an ambition to work

Worked in data, politely directed the clerk

Full of optimism, full of life, yeah? That’s her!

The smile that came to the face that night

So innocent and pure, like a young child

Stood there, feet dipped in water

Even at a distance felt an inclination towards her

The hair were unbraided, they were to play

Cool breeze the master, blew them away

The scene so pure, one cannot describe

My word are a bit, the scene so very fine

We glimpsed at each other as I reached close

Exchange of smiles watching the moon as it grew

The full moon night and stars all were down when you asked

I almost drowned in the emotions so far

Time passed, strangers became friends, then lovers

met at moonlight, enjoyed the waves with some wine

the dawn when we kissed there itself

The moon and the sun cried as the tears of joy

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