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Samayra Pande

Samayra Pande Is From Delhi. She loves to read and write. While she mostly writes stories; she does write a lot of poems too! Here is one for you – hope you like it!

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Together they assemble,
In front of the golden ray,
Each one eager to see what they say

First one steps up,
His thoughts going astray,
Opens the slip of paper to face his dismay

The paper says hatred
Unlike the golden child
He thinks to himself “oh what a waste of time”

A child soon arrives
Crying in his seat
He succumbs to negativity and falls at its feet

The next one steps up
Eager to be there
Her paper just seems to appear out of thin air

To her utter delight
The paper says love
Later she realises it’s more of a curse

Another child arrives
This time clothed in gold
Drowned in love as she rolled

Now it is time for destiny to play it’s part
As the two opposites cross paths

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