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Shaurya Jain

Shaurya Jain Is From Bijoynagar. He Loves To Watch Tv And Play Video Games. His Teachers Find Him Inquisitive, Smart, And Dedicated. Take A Look At His Poems. We Are Sure You Are Going To Love Them.

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The most unique planet

Namely called Earth,

Its nature and purity

Gave Humanity birth.


Its greenery and beautiful lakes

Mountains and oceans,

Hills and waterfalls

Are all nature’s creation.


But now the Earth is being damaged

By global warming and pollution

Making air, water and land dirty

Its not the solution


We have to stop the use of plastic

These make our lives drastic,

We have to plant more trees

To make our earth pollution free.

नन्ही चिड़िया

मैं हूँ नन्ही चिड़िया

उड़ कर गगन चूम लेती हूँ |

बारिश हो या धूप

मन से प्यार से गा लेती हूँ |


बनाऊँ मैं अपने दम पे

छोटा सा एक घोसला |

चाहे आ जाएँ मुश्किलें हज़ार

नहीं हारती हूँ हौंसला |


खाती हूँ अनाज के दाने

पानी लूँ नदी से |

हवा में उडूं अपने मित्रों के संग

प्यार करूँ मैं सबसे |

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  1. Very nice poem n wonderful thought

  2. It’s a wonderful poem
    And good thought
    I like this poem

  3. Very impressive and edge cutting lines