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Shree Hashwanth

Shree Hashwant Is From Bangalore. He Loves To Play Outside And Travel. His Teachers Find Him Dedicated, Inquisitive, And Participative. Take A Look At His Poems. We Are Sure You Are Going To Love Them.

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My Vacation

A short break from a lengthy year,

When IPL’s there, no fear.

Playing Carrom board day and night,

Out in the winning fight.

Mastering the Monopoly,

Made me a billionaire too early.

Lofted my bat,

With a gentle pat.

Oh no, IPL is suspended,

My favourite part of the day has ended,

Has a cheerful time chatting with friends,

Midst of all the school assignments.

Minutes passed like hours,

I wish I had magical powers.

Yaay! School has begun,

Now comes the ultimate fun.

Black Lives Matter

I have a dream,

One day all the blacks beam.

They should have respect and esteem,

Whites are not the supreme.

We promote harmony and peace,

Racism has started to increase.

Each one is equal before the law,

Racism is an outlaw.

We is there no balance,

White or black, we all are humans.

Inequalities are found in heap,

We, the black, request you not to make us weep.

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  1. Great Work Shree….. …… Could never have guessed about this poetic side of your personality in the Math sessions….. 🙂